The first place to look for online training is on Smarttech's web site.

Real basic info can be found at These are real, real simple, and of limited value.
A better choice would be their online tutorials:
A lot more detail, and you can ask questions during the sessions.

A very useful resource:
Go to the Forums tab. Check out the Notebook Software forum for tips on using Notebook software, and feel free to post any problems you're having. I've had reasonable success with getting feedback on this forum. The Technical Support section (lower down) has been less useful--if you're having a real tech support problem, you're probably better off calling!

Smart Tech has quite a few training videos that can be found both on their forums and on YouTube. I found the Lesson Activity Toolkit videos to be the most useful, since you can see how to create the activities and pages instead of just downloading lessons that you can't really use. This information should make it possible for you to adapt lessons for the Judaic classroom.

The Teachers Love Smartboards blog has links to quite a few videos that explain tips and techniques. A new feature offers a series of challenges which gives you the opportunity to see how other teachers use Notebook software.