Here's a sample of a Smartboard lesson that's fairly simple--text prepared on multiple slides in advance, the teacher moves from screen to screen. As you'll see, the text was prepared in advance so a few words and phrases could be highlighted.

This next sample shows the same screen with some simple animation added. Instead of just pulling out the significant words/phrases, I have them change color for emphasis.

An example of using a short video in a Smartboard lesson to clarify or introduce a topic. Here, I'm teaching Beraishis 1:24 about the creation of animals. I use two extremely short videos to underscore the point I'm making and bring it to life for the students. Note that due to technical issues, the videos do not reproduce well when recording it as video with the Smartboard video recorder. Still, you should be able see the concept. They do look fine in the original.

Here's a short video sample of a game being used to review a lesson in Chumash. The game can be basketball or soccer, and there are a number of other choices available in Notebook.