There are lots of sites out there with plenty of resources, and each one almost inevitably contains links to many more sites, so there's no way to list everything here. Instead, this list includes those sites that we have found particularly useful, and the tools we use most often. Feel free to explore the sites and follow the links that pique your interest.

Samples and Links
One of the first stops on your list should be the UTT Pedagogical Center, sponsored by AVI CHAI (with many thanks to Dr. J. Fima):
Here you'll find sample Smartboard lessons and links to many useful resources, including both Judaic-specific and standard software. There are some Powerpoint presentations and videos on various subjects, too, along with some resources for using Hebrew on the Smartboard.

The Smart Exchange Forums (click on the Forums tab at the top of the screen) are great for tech support, but also useful to see how other educators are using their Smartboards and Notebook software in the classroom. Check out the Downloads section (click the Downloads tab at the top of the screen) for some sample Notebook files in addition to training videos.

Smart Tech has additional sample Notebook files available for downloading at Resource/Lesson activities/Notebook Activities/
No Judaic subjects, unfortunately, but worth exploring. You'll find some ideas that can be adapted to your subject.

Another great place to find ideas and sample lessons to download:
You'll need to register to gain the most from this site, but it's free, so why not?

Another place where you'll find sample notebook files--you'll need to decide for yourself whether they're useful or not:

Definitely check out the Avi Chai Educational Technology blog
where those of us who have already set forth on this technology journey in the classroom share our experiences so you don't have to figure it all out for yourself!

One blog I enjoy reading is Teachers Love Smartboards:
Here you'll find links to additional resources along with some terrific ideas on how to use your Smartboard in original ways. It's not Judaic specific, and not all of it is adaptable, but there are so many ideas here that you'll certainly walk away with something useful. There are some fun contests, too.
This site also includes quite a few training videos, with a focus on Notebook software, which is why it's listed in the training section too.

For information about technology tools--primarily Internet tools, but also some interesting software--check out
There are creative ideas for finding images, creating videos for your classroom, putting together a homework blog, and more. Some are specific for Smartboard use, but not all.

A blog that similarly focuses on technology tools, but with a focus on its uses in the Judaics classroom, is There are links to useful tools, but also to interesting news articles, especially those that discuss limudei kodesh in the classroom.

Other Resources
Some good ideas for crafting lessons for multiple intelligences:
Not geared specifically for the Smartboard, but using the Smartboard can help make these ideas practical.

Use Google Earth on your Smartboard! Here's a terrific example in our Wikibook: Google Earth Map Example
Plus here's a list of what some teachers have done. Try to adapt this for limudei kodesh!

And finally, there's Microsoft's sponsored site for innovative (that is, technology-wise) educators:

To be continued...