Setting up a standard classroom involves taking many factors into account.
On must factor in space, furnishings, light sources, access ways, placement of resources like bulletin boards, white boards etc. A smartboard enhanced classroom also deserves significant thought and planning to maximize the use of space in the classroom. While some standard classrooms may be easily convertible to viable smartboard classrooms, not all are. Several factors which should be accounted for when setting up or adapting an existing classroom for smartboard use are....
  • Student placement - Your smartboard is probably smaller than the whiteboard or blackboard you already have in your classroom. The furniture configuration is probably set up to maximize the students' ability to see the writeboard which frequently spans all or most of a wall in the front of the classroom. The image projected on the smartboard will be slmaller and will be less visible to student who are in the front rows but are off to the sides.
  • Projector placement
  • Computer placement
  • Outlet and network jack accessibility
  • Glare
  • Non-intersecting access ways

To minimize projector shadow issues the all-in-one unit (currently 600i) is the most convenient option--the Smartboard, hung on the wall, never shifts out of place, and with the projector above there is no distracting shadow cast on screen. The drawbacks are that the unit is no longer portable--it is restricted to just that classroom. Consider whether it is worthwhile to sacrifice portability for ease of use.