Reuven Werber
Over the last year or two, a number of different organizations have been making an effort to encourage schools in Israel to use Interactive Whiteboards. A number of NGO's along with government support have been supporting pilot projects at schools in the periphery. See this item on MOFET JTEC for example.

Different schools have been using different boards and accompanying software. ( SMART, Hitache and Promethean).

At Neveh Channah Girls High School in the Etzion Bloc, we have installed two Promethean boards in two classrooms and have begun training the staff in their use. I have been accompanying this process with posts to my blogon the Edureshet Ning (in Ivrit).

What I wanted relate to here is to the problem of writing in Ivrit in the board's software related to on another page in this wiki.

The Promethean boards come with ActiveInspire software.We have been using ActiveInspire to create activities in Ivrit with no problems. The software text editor supports Ivrit with no problem and allows for writing and editing as well as pasting Ivrit from MS-Word and Ivrit web pages. ( We work with PC's running WIN XP SP2 and Win 7).

Here we see an image of editing Hebrew text in the ActiveInspire text editor. Notice that the menus have been translated into Ivrit by the Promethean people for use for Hebrew speakers (the menus can be changed to different languages from the software settings). The text can be formatted, aligned, given colors, etc. just as can be done with English text.

. ELUL.png

Ivrit text can be imported from HTML pages, even with vowels, such as from MIikranet. In the image below, the text of Tehilim 27 was pasted from Mikranet into the ActiveInspire slide, the intructions added with the ActiveInspire text editor.


In the image below, the following text of R' Soloveichik was pasted from an MS-Word document into the ActiveInspire slide and then colored and "markered".