When I first looked at that Smartboard confronting me at the front of the classroom, I felt a moment of panic.

Now this is strange, because I wanted the Smartboard. I asked for the Smartboard. I actually went to the effort of writing a grant, and spent a lot of my time explaining why I needed that Smartboard. I traveled around town and watched teachers using their Smartboards.

I thought I would know exactly what to do with it once it arrived.

But here it was, and I was panicking. What do I do with this thing? What if it turns out to be useless? What if I end up wasting my time, my students’ time, and the entire investment in this technology?

Yes, this story does have a happy ending. Because once I got started, I realized that the Smartboard really is beneficial, that the technology really does have a place in my classroom, and my teaching would not be as effective (or as enjoyable for my students!) without it.

But getting started with it can be daunting, even for those of us who are comfortable with technology and eager to explore its uses in the classroom. That’s why this book is here--to get you past that “what now?” moment; to tell you about our mistakes, so you don’t make them yourself; to guide you on what works, and what doesn’t.

Most of all, it’s here to help you realize that we’re all in this together, as we explore the creative possibilities of the Smartboard in the Judaics classroom.